Technology Content Creation Project

Beginning in 2012-13, the district will be piloting a technology content creation project. The project is grounded in the districtÕs use of the Rigor/Relevance Framework and fostering ÒQuadrant DÓ types of learning environments. When working in Quadrant D, students learn to think in complex ways using higher order thinking skills applied to a variety of real-world situations. By working on this project, students will show their knowledge of technology tools, 21st century skills, and curriculum content by creating and sharing an original work. In doing so, the focus is not on the technology itself; instead, the focus is on student learning and how technology is used as an integral tool to support the content. In developing the project, teachers will focus on high rigor and relevance, addressing common core standards, fostering creativity, and engaging students in problem solving activities that reflect meaningful, real-world tasks. Students will be encouraged to communicate and collaborate, become self-directed learners, and take ownership of their work.