IT Support Services (includes the ISD Service Desk)

For assistance, please submit an online support request to the ISD Service Desk at or call 610-849-1899 / ext. 35700

The IT Support Services Team is comprised of 3 groups that provide IT support throughout the District. The 3 groups are: Service Desk Level 1 - Technical Assistants, Service Desk Level 2a - Support Technologists, and Repair Services Level 2b - Repair Technicians. The Service Desk is the single point of contact for the team and the entire Information Services Department.

The IT Support Services Team is responsible for providing technical support over the phone, technical support in each building, repair for all technical equipment, and deployment/configuration of all new equipment. Together, the team supports every building in the District, every student and staff member, and all IT equipment in the District including: 15,000 computers (Chromebooks, Windows, and Macintosh), 1000 iPads, 800 printers, other computer peripherals, IP telephones, intercom systems, PA systems, classroom instructional equipment, 2-way radios, clock systems, etc.

Staff Listing
ISD Service Desk35700
Scott BestSupervisor of IT Support Services35719Email
Brandon HriniakSupport TechnologistEmail
Janice PereiraSupport TechnologistEmail
Patricia RiderTechnical AssistantEmail
Linda TorlayTechnical AssistantEmail
Patric HettmanSupport TechnologistEmail
Raymond LanceSupport TechnologistEmail
Kevin LindamanSupport TechnologistEmail
Peter McLeodSupport TechnologistEmail
Karen RoyerSupport TechnologistEmail
William Van AckerenSupport TechnologistEmail
Christopher CorriereRepair TechnicianEmail
Glenn GrossRepair TechnicianEmail
Randy ZiminskyRepair TechnicianEmail