21st Century Skills

We believe that technology supports student learning through the development 21st Century Skills in these ways:

Supporting the Curriculum Ð Technology supports the learning environment by enhancing instruction, supporting curriculum, and helping students achieve the Common Core Standards.

Helping Students Become Responsible Digital Citizens Ð Students need to be prepared to use new technologies in ethical ways, and embrace the positive changes they bring to their life styles.

Helping Students Develop Lifelong Learning Habits Ð Students need to become independent learners, problem-solvers, and critical thinkers inside and outside of school in order to become productive, contributing citizens.

Enhancing Communication Ð Students need to learn how to communicate ideas effectively in multiple ways to multiple audiences.

Fostering Media Literacy Ð Students need to be able to access, analyze, and synthesize information quickly and easily through multiple media sources.

Developing Technology Literacy - We believe that BASD students need to be technology literate in order to meet the expanding needs and expectations of a globally connected society.

Offering Professional Development Ð Our staff members need access to ongoing professional development opportunities to enhance technology skills and to bring appropriate technology tools to the classroom environment.

Bethlehem Area School District provides the information technology systems needed to support these efforts through its network resources, management of technology resources, and continuous attention to improvement. The district will continue evaluating and incorporating new technologies where appropriate.