Community Service :: Getting Started

8 steps to Community Service Success

  1. Review and complete a "Request to Volunteer" document with your parent/guardian
    Your first step is easy enough! You should receive a Request to Volunteer in the mail at the start of the year and it is also available under forms. If you choose to volunteer at a non-profit organization NOT listed on our website, you will need to fill this out each time you begin at a new non-profit agency. If you choose from the list, you can submit this one time only and be all set!
  2. Find an opportunity
    How? There are many ways to get involved. Check out the list of agencies online on the district website and call their contact person to find out more, listen to announcements for new opportunities, check our twitter @BASDCommService, stop in the Community Service office, check the daily bulletin, etc.!
  3. Sign-up (and confirm that you can receive Community Service credit)
    Agencies want to know who you are and when you plan on coming to help them. This is a great time to double check that they are on our list or a non-profit agency (if you haven't checked already) so you know your hours will count.
    If you check and they are NOT on our list, you will not be able to earn hours unless you have completed a Request to Volunteer specifically for that agency and it has been approved.
  4. Pick up or print a timecard
    Time cards are available at the Community Service Office, your Student Service Center and on our website.
    Show up on time, act professionally, dress well, be an active participant, represent your school and the Bethlehem Area School District in a positive way, meet new friends, enjoy....
  6. Keep Record of Hours
    Some of our agencies will report hours to us electronically. Some agencies prefer to sign your timecard. Either way, be sure to keep your timecard up to date and confirm the number of hours you should receive credit for.
  7. Journal
    Take some time to reflect on your experience. Using the writing prompt on page two of the time sheet, submit a well-written reflection on your hours of Community Service. Use your best writing skills. Submit this each time you volunteer or you will not be granted credit
  8. Submit your timesheet for approval
    If your agency submits hours electronically, confirm that the hours have been sent. If you are using a time card, submit a completed original to your SSC following the guidelines below. It will then be forwarded to the CS Office. Depending on the time of year, processing takes a few weeks. Keep a copy for your records and confirm the total number of hours on your report card!

    Last date of completed hours Submit by
    Over Summer Vacation Last Friday in October
    During 1st Semester Last Friday in February
    During 2nd Semester Seniors SECOND Friday in April
    Underclassmen- last Friday in May

    Final Deadline for Seniors to complete Graduation Requirement will be the 2nd Friday in April.