Community Service :: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I wait until Senior Year to complete my hours?

A: No. Please, don't.

You can start your hours as early as the summer between 8th and 9th grade and earn up to 30 hours!* Use Community Service as an opportunity to explore career options early in High School. We recommend completing at least 15 hours per year.

*You are able to "bank" any additional hours over 30 to use after you've completed the 60 hour requirement.

Q: I completed hours at an approved agency. What do I do now?

A: Congrats! You should have a timecard with record of when you did your hours. Get it signed by your supervisor and submit it within the appropriate time frame for approval!

Q: Can I do hours at different sites?

A: Yes. Please document each site on a different time card.

Q: How can I find out about Community Service opportunities?

A: A variety of ways! Check the daily bulletin, listen to announcements, read our website, check out our twitter @BASDCommService, stop in the office (we might have candy!), email us the list goes on and on!

Q: I completed hours at an agency NOT on your list. What do I do now?

A: Whoops! You should have completed an RFA (request for approval) prior to completing these hours. Please have an RFA completed by the agency and submit it with your time card. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can accept your hours and if they are, hours can only be accepted back to the previous summer.

Q: I can't get to an agency. Can I complete hours at school?

A: Yes. You can receive a one-time 15 hours credit for participating in a club or sport (as a manager, athlete, statistician, videographer, etc.). Clubs such as Key Club and Student Council will often participate in events benefitting a community agency that earn hour-for-hour credit. You might also help a teacher after school hours, participate in an in-class Service Learning project, or participate in community events run at school. Or, find a friend and head out together!

Q: Can my parent sign as my supervisor?

A: Nope. You must have the authorized signer from the organization sign your papers verifying that you completed Community Service hours.

Q: What's the deal with this journal?

A: A typed, one page reflection on your Community Service experience must be turned in at the completion of your 60 hours. This is a part of the graduation requirement.

Q: Are you a superhuman incapable of making mistakes?

A: Why thank you, but no, unfortunately not. So you should keep a copy of your timesheets for your records, incase there is any issue!

Q: Should I keep my paperwork in the bottom of my backpack until the end of Senior Year?

A: NO! Not only do we not like peanut butter and jelly covered papers, you need to follow our suggested timeline for turning in hours in order to have them applied to your graduation requirement! The sooner the better!

Q: The silver cord - what's that all about?

A: Volunteer 135 hours or more and wear a Silver Cord at graduation acknowledging this achievement!

Q: And the Gold Star of Bethlehem?

A: Five gold star pins will be presented each year to the students who volunteered the most hours at our approved community agencies outside of their home school.

Q: I handed in hours and they were not approved. Why not?

A: Well there are a few reasons this could happen including, but not limited to:

  • Completed at a non-approved agency without an RFA
  • RFA was not approved
    • Plagiarized form
    • Duplicate form
  • Submitted for an activity which we cannot give hours for
  • Unable to be verified by supervisor
  • Missing information
  • Journal not completed