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BASD - Center for Language Assessment at Northeast Middle School

Address: 1170 Fernwood Street
Bethlehem, PA 18107
Contact Person: Doris Correll, Coordinator of Language Acquisition
Phone: 610-865-7880 (CLA)
Alternate Contact:
Alternate Email:
Web Address:


Hours Open to CS Students Summer CLA Program Monday to Friday, 9am - 2pm
Number of students requested 12
Minimum Age: 13
Description of Opportunities Work as mentors for children learning English, welcoming new students, CLA - summer program aides.
Minimum Time per Shift 2 or 3 hours
Dress Required: School attire
Supervision Provided By: School district employees
Training/Orientation: Will be scheduled as needed
Certificate of Insurance Received:
  • This agency carries liability insurance covering students on site.: Yes
  • This agency participates in court ordered community service activities.: No
  • This agency requires Act 34 (criminal history) clearance for employes.: Yes
  • This agency requires Act 34 (criminal history) clearance for volunteers.:
  • This agency conducts events where alcohol may be served: no
            If Yes, signed Parental Waiver is required.
  • Additional Information:

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