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Lehigh Sports Association (former Lehigh Little League)

Address: Illicks Mill Road
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Contact Person: Frank Solitario 610-730-0247
Phone: 610.730.0247
Alternate Contact:
Alternate Email:
Web Address:


Hours Open to CS Students information will be sent to the Community Service Office
Number of students requested depends on what needs to be done
Minimum Age: 15 and up
Description of Opportunities Snack stand, field maintenance, score keeper, umpire, general clean up duties as assigned Work Parties in October and March for field cleaning. Snack stand workers from April through June.
Minimum Time per Shift Typically 3 hours
Dress Required: Casual
Supervision Provided By: Frank Solitario, or varies
Training/Orientation: As Necessary
Certificate of Insurance Received: 01/01/2009
  • This agency carries liability insurance covering students on site.: Yes
  • This agency participates in court ordered community service activities.: No
  • This agency requires Act 34 (criminal history) clearance for employes.: No
  • This agency requires Act 34 (criminal history) clearance for volunteers.:
  • This agency conducts events where alcohol may be served: no
            If Yes, signed Parental Waiver is required.
  • Additional Information: Criminal Backround Checks for Employees and Volunteers: required to use the approved Little League backround check system run by First Advantage. It completes criminal and child abuse backround checks. Also applies to PA Child Abuse Clearances

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