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Freemansburg Bethlehem Township Athletic Association

Address: 600 Chestnut Street
Freemansburg, PA 18017
Contact Person: George Horwath
Phone: 484-633-4244
Alternate Contact: Eric Vernon
Alternate Email:
Web Address:


Hours Open to CS Students various days and time from March until early October
Number of students requested varies
Minimum Age: 15
Description of Opportunities refreshment stand, field prep, trash removal, light duty as needed
Minimum Time per Shift Varies depending on day and hours student can commit to. Will never work past 9:30pm on school nights
Dress Required: Casual, comfortable
Supervision Provided By: various parents/volunteers who all have passed PA background checks
Training/Orientation: job or task will be described and demonstrated
Certificate of Insurance Received: 01/16/2011
  • This agency carries liability insurance covering students on site.: Yes
  • This agency participates in court ordered community service activities.: No
  • This agency requires Act 34 (criminal history) clearance for employes.: No
  • This agency requires Act 34 (criminal history) clearance for volunteers.:
  • This agency conducts events where alcohol may be served: no
            If Yes, signed Parental Waiver is required.
  • Additional Information: also can sign time sheets: Gene Medei Emily Vernon Current Board Members

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