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Fall 2018     New

Dear BASD Community members,

As a parent of two BASD students, I admire the nurturing and talented teachers that have cultivated a true love of learning in my daughters. As superintendent of schools, I am proud of our district's commitment to providing opportunities that engage and inspire students. As a district resident, I know BASD is a special place because of our community's pride, deep sense of loyalty, and commitment to the history and traditions of our schools.

Our students are challenged to think creatively and to pursue solutions to a wide range of global problems and challenges. Beyond academics, our students are good people who understand and respect that our community's strength comes from its diversity of backgrounds, interests, and talents. Our students understand citizens have individual rights and collective responsibilities to each other and to their community.

Our teachers cultivate our talented, knowledgeable, caring students through an amazing array of learning opportunities in the arts, academics, athletics and service learning. This school year we are fortunate to extend our course offerings to include new “specials” courses in Spanish and Digital Literacy for elementary students as well as American Sign Language (ASL) as an elective for Liberty and Freedom students.

As a large district, we are fortunate to have the diversity of people, range of activities and depth of courses so that every child can discover and pursue their unique talents.

I invite you to be an involved part of our wonderful community.

Best wishes for a great school year!


Dr. Joseph J. Roy, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools