Human Resources :: Job Descriptions

Support Professional

0-3 Clerk/Secretary
0-4 Clerk/Secretary
Account Analyst
Asst Equipment Manager
Assistant Director for Business Affairs
Asst Supervisor of Dining Services
Asst Supervisor of Transportation-Pupil
Asst Supervisor of Transportation-Vehicle
Associate Nurse
Athletic Director - High School
Asst Athletic Director - High School
Athletic Director - Middle School
Attendance Monitor
Attendance Officer
Benefits Assistant
Board Secretary
Building Monitor
Bus Driver
Bus Monitor
C-1 Custodian
C-2 Custodian
C-3 Custodian
Confidential Secretary
Data Coordinator
Data Processing Operator
Database Administrator - Finance
Database Administrator - Student Svcs
Development Assistant
Early Childhood Coach
Family Development Specialist
M-1 General Maintenance
M-2 Electrician
M-3 Skilled Maintenance
Network Assistant
Network Supervisor
Payroll Assistant
Purchasing Assistant
Security Officer
Supervisor of Child Accounting
Supervisor of Data Processing
Supervisor of Transportation
Support Technologist
Teacher Assistant – Learning Support
Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant – Emotional Support
Technical Assistant
Developer/Administrator of Special Systems/Webmaster

Academic Assistant Principal, HS
Apple Core Teacher (ACT)
Assistant to the Superintendent for Finance
Asst Superintendent for Education
Coordinator of English Acquisition
Director of Facilities and Operations
Director of Special Education
Director of Student Services
Director of Technology
Home School Visitor
Principal - Elementary
Principal, Asst - Elementary
Principal, Asst - High School
Principal - High School
Principal, Asst - Middle School
Principal- Middle School
School Physician General
Supervisor of Special Education
Technology Integration Specialist