In this short video, learn more about the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) engineering program that BASD high school students are offered as elective courses. You'll see why the Bethlehem Area Education Foundation (BAEF) is passionate about providing funds to support this program.

Project Lead The Way - Biomedical Medical Science Pathway

From the moment that Liberty and Freedom High School students walk into the classroom, the PLTW Biomedical Science pupils become immersed in the perplexing (and of course fictitious) death of someone named Anna. Over the course of the semester, they are asked to investigate, document, and analyze evidence in order to solve the case. Throughout the entire course, students examine a variety of careers in biomedical sciences as they learn content in the context of real-world, hands-on activities. Another great program offered to our students here in the Bethlehem Area School District.

Support the Project Lead the Way Program

With contributions like yours, Bethlehem Area Education Foundation (BAEF) will provide funding for the PLTW program. Each donation will directly benefit the students and teachers of the Bethlehem Area School District's Project Lead the Way program. For more information, please contact Julie Bailey at

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Engineering is more than just another high school engineering program. It is about applying engineering, science, math, and technology to solve complex, open-ended problems in a real-world context. Students focus on the process of defining and solving a problem, not on getting the "right" answer. They learn how to apply STEM knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to make the world a better place through innovation.